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Posted by Admin On30th April 2010

I have found EmploymentCrossing one of the most resourceful sites. It saves valuable time making your job hunt all the more exciting. Good job EmploymentCrossing!

Christopher C – Los Angeles, CA

Posted by Admin On14th April 2010

I really loved this service. The only reason I cancelled my membership was because I found a job that I love. If and when the time comes for me to leave my new position, EmploymentCrossing will be the first place I look. It was well worth the investment.

Davis R – Mesquite, TX

Posted by Admin On17th March 2010

Access to information is extremely important—most of all when you’re making life changing decisions. This is especially true when making decisions regarding your career. This is why EmploymentCrossing is so incredibly popular, it provides access to vital information for job seekers.

Posted by Admin On7th October 2009

EmploymentCrossing is a website that houses a database filled with job listings from all over the United States. EmploymentCrossings tries to help people find decent jobs by compiling a database filled with the nation’s job listings. They manage a comprehensive database of almost all job openings across the U.S.

Their comprehensive collection of job openings is over 2 million strong and includes listings from every Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 business. They literally spend hours every day searching through employer’s websites, not to mention nearly every job board in the U.S., trying to find active job listings. The staff at EmploymentCrossing consists of librarians, attorneys, engineers, and professional researchers, and they all do their best to find every active job listing in the country. They then research each job listing to ensure it’s validity and categorize it in the EmploymentCrossing database. The job seeker benefits from all of this work because he or she has one place to search for active job listings.

EmploymentCrossing is not a job board company and does not charge employers a fee to list their openings because of a fear that this might skew job listing results, thus putting the job seeker at a disadvantage.

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